Frequently Asked Questions
Word Bucket – How it works
Why do I have 50 words in my Word Bucket at the start?
When you download Word Bucket for the first time you get 50 words for you to practise with and start moving from White, to Orange and then to Green.

How do I add words to my Bucket?
There are three main ways to add words to Word Bucket.
The first way is using the search function. When you search for a word you’ll get a list of all the translations available. You can then choose to save any or all of these words by tapping on the Bucket with the + symbol.
The second way is to use Wordlists. You can find these in the Discover section
The third way to add words is to use the Add translation option that you’ll see at the bottom of the screen if you haven’t been given any search results.

How do I remove words from my Bucket?
Very easily. Just tap on the Bucket with the X beside the word you want to delete.

How many words can I add?
Simple answer. As many as you want.

Sometimes when I add a new wordlist not all of the words are counted in my Bucket total. What’s up?
Do not worry. All your words are safe in Word Bucket. This happens as some words have more than one meaning. When two words share the same meaning, Word Bucket counts it as one. But remember all your words and the meanings are available to view in the Wordlist menu.

Games and Tests
How do I move the words between the colours?
It’s easy. You just have to do a test. All new words you save start in White (new words), then when you’ve got them correct in the White tests they go to Orange (words you’re learning) and then finally to Green (words you’ve learned).
If you get a word wrong at any stage it goes to Red to start again, so be careful.

How do I select a test?
All you have to do is press the Learn button on the homescreen or go to the games section. Once there simply select the colour of the test you want.

Do I have to spell the word 100% correctly in the Orange test?
Oh yes you do! But not to worry, you can use the hints to help you. There are 2 hints per word.

Purchasing and Upgrades
Do I have to pay for Word Bucket?
Word Bucket is free to access on the web and to download on iOS and Android. Once you’ve signed up you’ll be able to use many of Word Bucket’s core features for free for one month. At that stage you’ll have to subscribe to Word Bucket to continue to have access.

My subscription payment didn’t work!
We’re sorry! That’s very strange. Please contact us at support@wordbucket.com and we will help you get it working right away.

Languages and settings
Can I learn multiple languages?
Yes of course. There’s more than 11 languages currently available and we’ll be adding more as we grow. Please note though that you set your native language when you sign up for the first time and this can not be changed at a later date.

None of these are my questions!
No worries. Send us an email at support@wordbucket.com and we’ll help with any questions you have.