What is Word Bucket?
A fun, adaptive and personalised vocabulary platform for language learners and teachers. Word Bucket utilises the latest adaptive and game-based learning science to help language learners build their vocabulary and teachers to track, measure and improve student outcomes inside and outside the classroom.

Supported by:
Word Bucket is proud to use FIWARE technologies and be supported by the FI-ADOPT accelerator. The FI-ADOPT accelerator is a project accelerator, which aims to promote the use and adoption of the EU FP7 Future Internet-Public Private Partnership platform through the FIWARE technologies and assets.

With special thanks to:
This project received grant aid from Galway Rural Development Company Ltd., which is financed by the Irish Government under the Rural Development Programme Ireland 2007-2013 and by the European Agricultural Fund for the Rural Development Programme (EARDF): Europe investing in Rural Areas.

Word Bucket Dictionaries & Translation services
Word Bucket is powered by a selection of commercial and open source dictionaries and translation services including Wiktionary.org, licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license. For more information on the use of these dictionaries see our Terms of Service.

The makers of Word Bucket
Word Bucket is an English Bubble creation. At English Bubble we teach languages through games. Our innovative English Games Classes and multilingual digital games are built on the principle that you learn best when you’re playing and having fun. If you want to contact us you can get in touch here.